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The First Million Tons Electro-hydraulic Servo CNC Bending Machine is Put into Production in China
Author:  Datetime:2016-10-15 18:43:34
   To meet the needs of domestic production for thick steel plate, the first million tons electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine in China, which has independent intellectual property rights, is recently commissioned one-time by Three-way Shandong Heavy Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. With putting into production in commission, the equipment can make the thickness of cold bending steel plate processing increased to 100mm, the length of 12.5 meters, be widely used in reduced steel tube, conical steel pipe, large diameter thick wall steel pipe, steel plate processing for large ships, square tube with thick wall, special steel pipe for machinery manufacturing, pressure vessel with thick wall forming, corrugated steel webs profiling for bridges, thick plate bending processing, as well as the profiling of corrugated steel plate for shipbuilding. 
    With putting the equipment into production, the bending forming technology and equipment in China have reached the international advanced level, which will have an important strategic significance for the overall promotion of China's marine engineering and large ship manufacturing capacity.